A Ruff Interview

So I didn’t get a chance to interview anyone today. I got home, and decided to interview our dog Starbuck. The hardest part about the interview was the language barrier.  She was also more focused on keeping the cats upstairs than answering the questions I asked her.

She did finally stop caring about the cats and paid some attention to me. She showed me her stuffed turtle. I didn’t get to learn a lot about it before she rudely ripped it out of my hands and ran into the other room. I followed, only to find her upside down and chewing on said stuffed turtle. I said her name, and she righted herself and looked at me. Then I realized that we could have a nonverbal interview. An interview based entirely on reading body language. How many of you did that? Ours was a very quick 5 minutes before she lost interest.

I found out that our dog is completely content when both my husband and I are home. She also prefers the banana chips I’m eating right now to her dog food. Her favorite toy at the moment is her stuffed turtle. Over the course of the past year she has learned that the word “oops” means something fell on the floor and she should eat it. She also learned that headphones mean she’s going on a walk, and the words “crunch crunch” mean she’s getting food.

Ok, so I didn’t really try to talk to my dog. My question to you is how many people do you know that you could actually hold a completely nonverbal conversation with and how often do you use nonverbal communication without realizing it?

I bet the answer is a lot more than you think.




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