Community Service

My parents are awesome. They raised my brother and I to be kind, helpful people. I’ve even said that sometimes one of my faults is that I’m too nice. I hate bragging about myself, so I’m going to try to make this more about my favorite organization to volunteer for.

I promise to not make this blog all about my dog, because that’s what it’s starting to seem like.

I’ve mentioned before that Starbuck is a therapy dog. We volunteer with a group called Love on a Leash. We visit places that have invited us to help their clients feel better. Some of the places Starbuck and I have visited include nursing homes, juvenile correction facilities, schools, libraries, and colleges.

I have many warm fuzzy stories about things we’ve done, and places we’ve visited, but I think the picture speaks for itself. My favorite place to visit is the Pike Library. We have a program there called Barks and Books for kids that struggle to read out loud. Kids are rarely ever afraid to read to a dog because they don’t interrupt them with help or give negative feedback to their reading. They sit and listen. For a lazy dog like Starbuck, it’s the perfect doggie job.



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