What I want

I’m a few days behind. This weekend was crazy!

I want my backyard to look like this.

infinity pool


Let’s be reasonable. That ain’t happening. Not a snowball’s chance in Hell. A girl can dream right?

In all honesty, I’d be happy with this.



See that? That’s a garden without weeds. That’s a garden that hasn’t been decimated by bunny rabbits. I could have that, but don’t. Stupid rabbits. Stupid weeds.  Stupid me for not trying as hard as I should.

There’s also probably a metaphor here for weeds, and the way they mess up beautiful things, and get in the way. And how some people have different definitions of what a weed is. That’s a discussion for another time.


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  1. That garden looks amazing!

    Make it happen. And thanks for writing!

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