Standing Out

“Share a moment that stands out. Was it moving, or awkward, or infuriating, or ecstatic, or ______? Who was with you? Where were you?”

So this summer a freckle appeared on my collar bone. I’m covered with freckles, so I didn’t think much of it, only this freckle started to look suspicious. I tend to put things off when I know there’s going to be a negative consequence, so I just now (as in 1:30 today) had a doctor look at it.

His response to seeing it. “Yep, that’s suspicious, lets go ahead and take it out.”

Wow, I was expecting a two to three week long process and chain of doctors and a dermatologist. Nope.

He led me to another room, pulled out some numbing juice, gauze, scalpels, scissors, etc and took it out. I even got to look at the chunk. The most painful part was the numbing shot, which is starting to wear off. It kinda hurts now.

I got five stitches from the ordeal, and was told I have thick skin.

That’s why freckles shouldn’t stand out.


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